MILES GEORGE DANIEL – The non-conventional punk designer shaking things up

Miles George Daniel is an experimental visionary. The Middlesex University graduate and natural-born punk desires to be different. The designer has managed to merge art, sculpture an fashion into his extraordinarily unique pieces. An emerging talent with a mind like no other. 

The knitwear major made the conscious decision to create a ‘zero spend’ collection for his final year piece. A sustainable and very considerate move that saw the re-purposing of second hand garments and the use of more experimental eateries (such as that of wire and cardboard); thus heightening the effects of Daniel as a sculpture and bringing this element to the forefront of his work. 

With inspirations drawn from graffiti and punk motifs, the basis of the designer is most exciting. The ability to take a simple scrap of fabric and create it into an elaborate and one-of-a-kind design that then leads into an entire look-book – the mind of Miles George Daniel is fascinating.

Daniel has most recently been signed to Agency Eleven so it goes without saying that there are more great things are expected of the designer in the near future. 

Written by : Shenel Wickramaratne

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