MDX FM provides a hub of promotion for societies and events on campus, whilst also representing a diverse range of radio shows. Digitally broadcast, students and non-students alike who choose to tune in can expect to hear a variety of talk shows, from the morning to the evening, featuring a variety of music from rock and pop, to rap and RnB.

The station also prides itself in collaboration with societies and will provide coverage of events such as ‘Change my mind’, with debating society over the next coming year. MDX FM! also hosts events across the year, including the UV leon party, and MDX House Parties. So, whether you tune in, come to our events, or choose to have your own show.

If you would like to join MDX FM please click on the link HERE and sign up as a member.


Head of Radio, Novuyo Shumba

As your Head of Radio, I am here to not only help us progress in the production of radio media but to also build a platform where students can openly express their creativity, stories and advice and so much more through audio. For a proper more formal introduction my name is Novuyo Veddie Shumba and I am a second-year student studying Computer Science, here at Middlesex University.

This society last year gave me a platform to speak about things I was interested in and even gave me a chance to allow some of my friends to do the same. Understanding the past challenges I faced during middle school I realised that if I was ever given the chance to be a leader of something I would use the platforms given to me to help and hopefully inspire others to creatively represent themselves regardless of their race, gender or history. With this being my goal and drive for the year I hope I can be the leader who continuously encourages the members of this society to do greater things and use this platform & form of media to help move the world in the best way possible. There is so much fun and potential to this society I hope I’ve been able to motivate you to join our society.

I do believe that every story should be heard, so come join us and tell yours.