The Photographer’s gallery

An insight over the photography industry in London by Jessica Austin.

The Photography industry within London is undoubtedly a well-established one, and one that is wonderfully inspiring. Not only is London a wonderful place to shoot in, there is no end to the photographers who have produced work in the famous city. From fashion photographers such as Tim Walker, to more abstract and experimental photographers such as Antony Cairns, there is certainly no lack of inspiration in London.

Need inspiration? Or have a bit of time to view some photography? Then The Photographer’s Gallery is just what you need. No matter what the subject of their exhibitions and style of work they exhibit, there is always something you can take away from their exhibited works.

Currently, their exhibited works include works by Evgenia Arbugaeva, Sunil Gupta, and Vasantha Yogananthan, all vastly different photographers with vastly different styles and ways of working, so it is well worth a visit.

Another way that The Photographer’s Gallery is helping to support up-and-coming photographers is their ‘Folio Fridays’ in which you can apply for a place, and have time interacting with other photographers, and have presentations by two practicing professionals, which can really benefit your understanding of the industry, not to mention gives you an opportunity to find even more inspiration! You can also get one-to-one sessions (for a small fee) called TPG Portfolio reviews, which consists of a 20-minute review of your portfolio with a curator of the gallery. Very helpful indeed considering their experience working with such a vast array of talent! And lastly, there are several social sessions going on (all online now), that mean you can mingle with other photographers, and have some quality time learning from practicing professionals.

And, in addition to all this, there is a wonderful cafe, and a very well-stocked book shop to browse in too! So, for sure, add this little gallery near Soho to your list of places to visit!

Photo credits: Unsplash.

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