CHARLES JEFFREY – The club kid taking the fashion industry by storm

Charles Jeffery is shaking up the industry with an emerging label – Loverboy. Winner of the 2017 Fashion Award for British Emerging Talent; the Scottish-born designer moved to London to pursue a BA in Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins. During his time, he was able to obtain an internship as a design assistant at Jack Wills and subsequently; a three month internship at Christian Dior. 

His work has attracted the attention of many. Those amongst them is none other than LuLu Kennedy – Editor-at large of LOVE magazine. Through this relationship, Charles Jeffery has styled the pages of LOVE for several issues.

In the face of COVID, Jeffery live-streamed his S/S 2021 Show (entitled The Healing) and presented the collection through the medium of a four-metre long concertina book which he told Vogue was “like a tapestry on my thought: my thought process”. In turn, the collection acts as a reflection of Jeffery’s reaction to the pandemic in his interpretation of “what panic looks like”. 
Loverboy encapsulates the self-proclaimed ‘club kids’ vision and brings it to the forefront of fashion. Unapologetically bold and untamed; much of what the industry has been lacking in recent times. Even the designer’s website immerses you into the mind of Charles Jeffery through ‘receiving the healing’ (an option on the site that then plays the soundtrack of his most recent S/S 2021 show). Loveboy is undoubtedly breathing new life into the industry.

Article written by: Shenel Wickramaratne @shenel_w

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