Tips and Tricks for the Life of a Student

Tips and Tricks for the Life of a Student 

Student life can be kind of stressful to say the least. Many questions come to mind once you come to campus like: How do I save money and not starve myself? How can I move from point A to point B in London, without bankrupting myself? How can I find a job in such a big city? 

Here we’ve gathered several tips on what you can do to save money and hopefully to make alleviate some of your financial struggles at university. Enjoy ? 


Finding a job was always one of the hardest parts in the life of a student, especially now with the quarantine coupled with the recession. Middlesex and the Student Union are well aware of that. This is why you have access to MDX Works (office is in the Quad, on the left-hand side). They are open every Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm, currently they are only hosting drop-in sessions remotely on 02084116161. If you want to get feedback on your application documents, including CVs, cover letters, application forms or similar, MDX Works will provide suggestions to help you make improvements and stand out from other applicants. 

If you are searching for a work experience placement, internship, or graduate job it’s better to book a one-to-one session, which are currently hosted online. You can contact either with the phone mentioned above or on MDX Works also provides you with online resources you can use to better your CV and Cover Letters and much more on There you can register and have on your fingertips the ability to access job offers for professionals and beginners. Unitemps is also an University organisation that has job offers in and around the community. Learn more and register on

The Student Union also offers jobs for designers, photographers and other students on

Student Discounts 

If you are looking to save some money from buying student supplies, clothes, phone bills and everything from Abode products to dog food, but feel overwhelmed from the countless offers you can use TOTUM. As students you can register onto the app and have free and you get discounts on all of these types of products and much more. You can register with your student account for their digital service and see for yourselves. 

Support Services 

We all see how the uncertainty in these times affects us and the people closes to us. Here we would like to mention several services that could help your wellbeing and with the emotional turmoil you may be experiencing right now. 

Counselling services are provided by the university. You can either request a onetime 1-2-1 meeting about issues you are struggling with or you can access therapeutic support from a Mental Health Adviser or a Counsellor for several meetings.  You shouldn’t blame yourselves if you have trouble coping with the new environment, it is not a sign of weakness to ask for help. You can find more information on how to book an appointment on This year all meeting shall be online. 

If you have any issues regarding your welfare you can contact the Student Welfare Advice team on 020 8411 3008 and For international students, you can also contact the International Student Advice team on or on 020 84114507

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